Committed To Our Future

Our vision is to be an affordable, secure, well-maintained community which is both diverse and cohesive. We strive for mutual respect among residents, staff, community volunteers, and others, as well as respect for our beautiful environment.
  by Rhoda Barris

In the summer of 1987, a New York newspaper ran an ad for The Glen at Tamiment.  It spoke of "Real Resort Living... Real Pocono Home sites... Real Country Homes... Real Resort Facilities and Real Opportunity".  Those who visited the site found a fully functioning resort with well-appointed amenities.  There were no homes...just a lot of trees, primitive dirt roads that salesmen used to bring prospective buyers out to see lots where they had to try to visualize a "community".   When some of the first homes were complete and residents moved in, Blue Ridge Cable was not yet ready to enable the underground cable system and many people had to try to view fuzzy TV pictures using old antennas.  Whenever a Glen resident arranged for a delivery or work to be done by someone from the Stroudsburg or Milford areas, the response was "oh, you mean there are houses there?"  Most of those initial residents were either retirees or people who had built weekend/vacation homes. 

Now we have over 14 miles of paved community roads.  As homes are built at Lehman Pointe those properties now join The Glen; we have over 375 homes on the original 452 lots and another 4 at Lehman Pointe.  We have a diverse resident population consisting of young families with one or more parents who are working, retirees, and still many who only get to enjoy their homes here on weekends, during vacations, or in the warmer weather.

When properties were first sold here, Tamiment, Inc. was the Developer and overseer of The Glen even throughout several changes of ownership of Tamiment.  There was no Property Owners' Association. Only a "Steering Committee" with no authority and only a body of interested residents who could offer advice and suggestions to Tamiment management.  They expended a lot of time and energy in their efforts to do that.  Their advice and suggestions, however, generally were unheard and unheeded. 

As the community grew and there were changes in Tamiment ownership and management, dissatisfaction grew with both the oversight of The Glen and the state of the hotel amenities.  In the year 2000, the Concerned Citizens of the Glen Association formed in an effort to have the rights of the property owners enforced.  Those rights are delineated in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for The Glen at Tamiment (CCRs) that are filed with each Property Owner's deed.  Through that Association, exploration of legal recourse began.  We knew that we would be able to manage ourselves when Tamiment no longer owned any of the 452 properties in The Glen, or in 2006 at the latest. 

On January 14, 2002, the owner of Tamiment gave The Glen Property Owners' Association the right to manage The Glen.  At that time he appointed, as delineated in the CCRs, a Board of Directors.  That Board consisted of property owners who had been active participants in the old Glen Steering Committee and/or The Concerned Citizens of the Glen Association.   The Board, recognizing the need for ongoing input of other members of the The Glen community, established a Glen Advisory Committee (GAC) that in turn has several subcommittees to advise the Board and implement many of the grassroots needs of The Glen.  In August 2003, The Glen Property Owners' Association held its first elections for a Board of Directors and Glen Advisory Committee.

The Board of Directors consists of 5 members with the prospect of expanding as additional sections are added to The Glen and the GAC has a maximum of 9 members.  The terms of office in both bodies are staggered so that there will always be some continuity and stability.  Procedures and criteria for the nomination and election of both Board and GAC members are available in The Glen office as well as at the Nominations meeting which is held on the 1st Saturday of June each year.  Elections are held at the Annual Meeting of the Glen Property Owners' Association on the 1st Saturday of August each year.

Even during these years of self-management, The Glen POA has had many challenges to address.  For years we had litigation pending against Tamiment because of its owners' past failures and shortcomings.  In 2006 we reached a settlement with the Tamiment developers that led to them building our Community Center, swimming pool, and tennis court.  We were also promised funds to provide playground equipment for the increasing population of young children in The Glen.  Because of many unresolved issues, it took until July 2009 before we finally had the property consisting of over 5 acres, our amenities, and the funds to arrange for the children’s playground, transferred to The Glen POA.  This property is valued in excess of $2million and is a major asset to all of us. 

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