Joe and his wife Candy built our home in The Glen in 1989. Joe has volunteered his services in various capacities since then. Joe and his wife have another home in Florida where we spend the winter and several other periods of time requiring him to be on conference calls during meetings which has not inhibited his actions or performance on the Board.

Joe retired from a major financial firm as a Managing Director  at age 57 where he was a Managing Director responsible for technology.  

Joe's objective in being on The Glen Board is to help get the final Gatehouse Agreement signed by John Wolfington and once that is completed we have to focus on obtaining all of the lake area amenities that were agreed to such as a beach front area, fishing dock, boat launch area, boat storage, car parking area with a BBQ and picnic area.

One of Joe's overarching objectives is to have a strong Board to keep and maintain the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities for The Glen POA and to maintain a high-quality crime free community where property values rise over time.

RON PORCORO - Treasurer
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SAM PHILLIPS - 1st Vice President
Sam has been a resident of this community for the past twelve years, six of which has been fulltime. Sam is retired from two careers, Correction Officer and Facilities Management.

Sam would like to use his wealth of business knowledge in Facilities Management to assist the Board, and believes all families living in The Glen should come together as a whole community.  

Sam believes The Glen as a whole should have input on all major concerns involving the community.

Adam Johnson 2nd Vice President
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Cindy Toscano - Secretary
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Board of Directors