Rules and Regulation
                                  THE GLEN AT TAMIMENT

The following Rules and Regulations are subordinate to and design to supplement the Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions and in the event there is a conflict between these Rules and Regulations and the CCR’s, the CCR’s shall control.  The Rules and Regulations are as follows:


The terms used in these Rules and Regulations, which are not defined below, shall have the same meanings set forth in the CCR’s.  The definitions below are designed to assist you in understanding these Rules and Regulations.

1.  “Architectural Review Board” means a committee established by Tamiment under the Master Declaration to control all
     developmentand improvements to the Development.

2.  “Association” means the Glen at Tamiment Property Owners Association.  Every Owner of a lot is a member of the
     Association. There is one vote per lot.

3.  “By-Laws” refers to a document which explains the process of electing the Board of Directors, the Manager and other
     specific items.

4.  “CCR’s” refers to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which is one of the governing documents of this Subdivision.

5.  “Declarant”  means the owner of Tamiment Resort, currently Tamiment Development, Inc., its successors or assigns,

6.  “Development” means the entire Tamiment Resort including the Glen at Tamiment.

7.  “Manager” means the entity or person named in the management agreement.  In the absence of a management agreement,  
      Manager shall mean the Board of Directors when this substitution is not nonsensical.

8.  “Owner” means the owner of a lot in the Glen at Tamiment.  It does not necessarily mean one person, but could also mean a
      group of people or other possible entities.

9.  “Subdivision” means the area at Tamiment Resort know as the Glen at Tamiment.


1.  It is intended that all Lots and Houses in the Subdivision, including their design, location, materials, colors, and other
    aesthetic factors shall blend and be compatible and harmonious with the Development’s natural surroundings and environs. 
    Therefore no building or other improvement of any character shall be erected or placed thereon, nor any addition be made,
    nor exterior alteration be made after original construction, nor any alteration whatsoever of the exterior building appearance           be made after original construction UNLESS AND UNTIL WRITTEN APPROVAL of the construction plans and specifications
    or other improvements or alterations have been obtained from the Architectural Control board of the Development.  An
    Owner may alter or improve the interior of his Residential Dwelling Unit as his sole discretion and without prior approval. 
    Generally, approval shall be within 30 days of plan submission.

2.  All Lots and the yard space located under, in front of, and/or adjacent to each Lot or the area on which a Residential Dwelling
    Unit is to be constricted shall be kept free and open.  No fences, hedges, or walls shall be permitted to be placed on any Lot
    or any yard space located under, in front of and/or adjacent to a Residential Dwelling Unit without prior written approval from
    the Architectural Control Board.

3.  Refuse and bagged garbage shall be deposited only in the area provided therefore.

4.  Littering will include, but not be limited to – litter & waste whether it be dropped, thrown (or thrown from a vehicle) that lands
    upon any private or common area.

5.  Each Owner shall maintain his Lot and Residential Dwelling Unit in good condition and repair at all times and shall be   
    responsible for maintaining, repairing, and replacing, at his sole cost and expense, all portions of such Lot and Residential
    Dwelling Unit..

6.  At no time shall any Owner or person or persons acting under him use any object or thing which creates noise, smoke, odor,
    soot or vibrations in such manner as to disturb any other.  No noxious or offensive activities or nuisances as those terms
    may be defined by the Board of Directors of the Association shall be permitted on any lot or elsewhere within the subdivision.

7.  Pennsylvania state law prohibits the use of consumer & displays of fireworks without a permit.  Aerial devices such as bottle
    rockets, missals, sky rockets, firecrackers, parachutes, sky flyers, display shells, roman candles, etc. are not permitted in The
    Glen.  Any  explosive devices including but not limited to M-80’s, quarter sticks, etc.are illegal to sell and possess at all
    times.  Use and or  possession may result in a citation and notification of state authorities. 

8.  At no time shall any Owner or any person or persons acting under him hang any signs, flags, (except the American Flag in a
    proper manner), banner, pennants, flashing lights, wires, television or radio antennas, clothes, or any other unsightly
    object, beyond the interior walls of his Residential Dwelling Unit so that they are in any way visible from the outside,
    unless specifically approved by the  Association in writing.  No clotheslines are permitted.  All service flags & government
    flags are permitted.

9.  No sign or device of any kind shall be placed upon any of the Common Areas, any Lot, or Residential Dwelling Unit unless
    specifically approved by the Association in writing.  The Association shall have the power to remove any such sign or device
    and the charge to the person or person causing the erection of the same the cost thereof. “For Sale’ or “For Rent” signs shall
    not be permitted.  Realtors however are permitted to show houses in The Glen.

10. Pets will be limited to dogs and cats and other domestic animals as may be approved by the Association.  No pet shall be
    allowed to leave the confines of the Owners Lot without the Owner and on a leash.  Please note other state laws may apply.

11. No open fires of any kind shall be permitted on any Lot except within the confines of a metal cooking device or metal
    brazier, all of approved design.  No burning of trash, garbage, wood, leaves, or similar items shall be permitted within
    the Subdivision.

12. No permanent outdoor fireplaces, outdoor refrigerators, dog pens or other enclosures for animals, or tree houses shall be
    erected or placed upon any Lot. The placement of any personal property on a Lot or outside of any Residential Dwelling Unit
    must be approved in advance by the Architectural Control Board, and any such personal property shall be maintained in
    good condition so as not to become unsightly.  Unless in actual use, items of personal property shall not be left standing on
    a Lot or outside of any Residential Dwelling Unit at any time.

13. No trees over two (2) inches in diameter may be removed from any Lot without the approval of the Architectural Control
    Board.  Clear cutting of Lots is prohibited.

14. Any person who intentionally defaces or otherwise damages Association property shall be held responsible for vandalism
    caused by any member or guest of their household and shall be held financially responsible for any repairs and fined.

15. Any person found to be trespassing on any property (with the exception of authorized personnel) not registered in their
    name without the invitation of the owner will be considered trespassing.  State authorities may be called.

16. No trade, solicitation, business, service or profession of any kind or nature whatsoever shall at any time be conducted in
    The Glen nor shall any lot be used for such purposes.  No political campaigning will be permitted anywhere within the

17. No owner, tenant, etc. shall permit another person to use their access cards for the trash compactor, gate access, swimming
     pools, etc.  If this occurs both parties will be cited.

18. Any Owner who rents his property is required to register his tenants with the office.Failure to do so will result in issuance of
     a citation.

19. All upright propane tanks must be enclosed per the Design/Review Guidelines

20. Failure to comply with instructions of Security Officer may result in a citation.

21. All persons entering The Glen are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous & polite manner at all times.  Harassment
     including, but not limited to verbal or physical abuse within The Glen POA will not be tolerated.

22. Hunting and shooting shall be strictly prohibited within the Subdivision, as shall the discharge or use of any and all
     firearms, pellet guns, air guns, sling-shots, and bow and arrows.  Game animals harvested in lawful hunting areas may
     not be hung from any tree on the Owner’s Lot or any Common Area, or otherwise dressed or butchered in the open. 
    Please note state laws may apply.

23. Any Owner who equips his Residential Dwelling Unit with an automatic burglar alarm system shall keep on file with the
    Association at all times the alarm system firm name, local representative’s 24-hour service telephone number in case any
    alarm is tripped and no Owner is at home to shut off the alarm.  No alarm system may be installed without the Owner
    contracting with a local service firm which has 24-hour service.  Failure to do so will result in issuance of a citation.

24.  All Owners must notify the Association in writing when there is a change in mailing address.

25.  All vehicle registrations must be submitted to the administration office.  Failure to do so will result in issuance of a citation.

26.  No persons under the age of 16 is allowed on common areas after10pm without adult supervision.

27. No motor vehicle of any type shall be driven or towed in a reckless manner on or along any road.  All drivers of motor
     vehicles shall observe such speed restrictions and noise limitations within the Development as established by the
     Association and Declarant.   No motor vehicles shall be permitted upon any road within the Development unless they
     are properly licensed and inspected pursuant to the laws of the state of registration.  All vehicles must be operated by
     licensed persons; mini-bikes and snowmobiles are specifically prohibited within the Subdivision.  Motorbikes may only
     be used for transportation on the road, going to or coming from public roads on a direct route basis, and they shall not
     be allowed on any other equipped with operational mufflers to reduce noise to the maximum practical extent. 

28. There is to be no parking on any road in The Glen including swales, gullies, and common areas.  If any owner is having a
     gathering  at their home and all vehicles will not fit on their property the owner is to contact the POA office or security to
     obtain permission to use the roadway for additional parking.  Overnight parking will not be allowed.  There will also be no
     parking on the roadways when the threat of snow is eminent.  Citations and fines will be issued for all violators.  All vehicles
     should be kept on the owners property at all times.  If, after a written warning is issued, the vehicle is not removed within 48
     hours the vehicle will be towed at the owners’ expense. 

29. Any persons entering the Subdivision at the invitation of an Owner, other than members of an Owner’s Household, shall, at
     the Association’s sole discretion, be registered in accordance with any established procedure and shall be subject to such
     Rules and Regulations as the Association shall adopt from time to time applicable thereto, including the imposition of any

30.  Be it resolved that the Glen POA BOD does prohibit the issuance of any permits forconstruction, alteration, addition, or
    repair to any Glen owner and property unless such owner is a “member in good standing” as defined in the Glen POA


1.  Complaints regarding the operation and maintenance of the Subdivision shall be made in writing to the Manager at
   The Glen At Tamiment POA, 314 Underhill Drive, Tamiment, Pa 18371.

2.  Payment of the Maintenance Fees and other Assessments and personal charges shall be made payable to The
   Glen At Tamiment, POA.  The Association strongly prefers all Assessments to be paid by check.  Please send
   your payment of maintenance fees to The Glen At Tamiment, POA, 314 Underhill Drive, Tamiment, Pa  18371. 


These Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time by the Declarant or the Association in accordance with the Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions.

These Rules and Regulations were reaffirmed by the Glen At Tamiment POA on this 29th day of October 2015 by duly authorized action of its Board of Directors.


(1) Condition incurring violation must be removed or otherwise remedied within 10 days to avoid fine.  If not brought into 
     compliance within 10 days fine will remain and an increase of 10% will be added to the fine amount(s).

                           VIOLATION                                       FINE AMOUNT

1.  Erection of any unauthorized additions or changes to         $75
   original construction without prior written conset

2.  Placement of fences, hedges or walls will not be permitted   $75 (1)
to be placed on any lot or yard space without prior written consent
3.  Illegal dumping
First offense  $150 
All subsequent offenses   $300 & up*

4.  Littering   $50 & up*

5.  Failure to maintain dwelling, lot/property in good condition and repair    $75 & up* (1)
6.  Creating a nuisance or disturbance                         $75 & up*

7.  Use of fireworks – fine plus cost of damage (if any)                  $150 & up*

8.  Hanging of signs, banners, pennants, unsightly lights, wires,        $35 & up* (1)
    antennas, clothing, etc. on personal dwelling or lot

9.  Placing of signs or devices on common areas                        $50 & up* (1)

10. Illegal pets or pet nuisance  (Includes failure to clean up after pet)$75

11. Burning of trash or leaves – open fire                          $100

12. Placing of outdoor fireplace, refrigerator, dog pens, or                   $100 & up* (1)
    other enclosures or items of personal property on lot

13. Removal of trees over 2 inches in diameter or clear cutting of lot –     $100 per tree
    replanting of removed trees may result in reduction of fine

14.  Vandalism - fine plus cost of damage (if any)                     $175

15. Trespassing                                     $175

16. Solicitation / No political campaigning allowed                       $175

17.  Unauthorized use of Glen equipment/facilities including but not $250
     limited to compactor,access cards, swimming pools, etc

18.  Failure to register tenants with the office                     $1000 (1)
19.  Failure to enclose upright propane tank                       $50 (1)

20.  Failure to Yield/Obey or otherwise comply                        $125
      with instructions of Security Officer (including
      failure to yield when a security vehicle has
      lights/siren on)

21.  Harassment                                    $75 & up*

22.  Hunting or discharging weapons on premises                  $500

23.  Failure to provide Security with alarm system                       $25

24.  Nobody under the age of 16 will be allowed on common areas
  after 10pm without adult supervision    
       First offense  WARNING                        
                All subsequent offenses        $50 & up*

25.  Motor Vehicle Violations

a. Fleeing or eluding a Security Office                     $150 & up*

b. Speeding: 
                        26 – 35 mph                     $75
           36 mph & over                       $100
              Subsequent offenses                 $125 & up*

       c. Failure to stop at stop sign: 
                        First offense                    $50
                        Subsequent offenses                $75 & up*
        d. Unlawful passing        
e. Blocking Road  $75 & up*
         f. Reckless driving                             $75

         g. Reckless endangerment ex.: Children in car seats   $75
         h. Passing a school bus or moving your vehicle when a school bus    $150 & up*
            is stopped on property/lights flashing and bus is picking up/
            dropping off students

         i. Expired registration/no license plate                   $175 per car (1)

         j. Operating vehicle without valid license                      $100 (1)

         k. Operating a vehicle with a learners permit                $75
         without a licensed driver in the car

     l. Operating a vehicle with a junior license                    $75
         after 11pm without a licensed driver in the car

      m. Expired/no state inspection                       $75 & up*
     n. Failure to use turn signal
               First offense                    WARNING
               All subsequent offenses                 $50 & up*

     o. Parking/Fire lanes and unauthorized parking:
                    First offense                   WARNING
                   All subsequent offenses                 $35

          p. Failure to yield to emergency vehicle with lights/siren on    $100 & up*
          q. All vehicles must be registered with the association office
                        First offense                    WARNING
                        All subsequent offenses                 $50 & up*

* Fine amounts will increase by $25 increments for repeat offenses

Failure to pay fines or correct violations will also lead to legal action.

If fines go unpaid, interest will accrue AND additional interest will be added monthly until the fines go to Magistrate for payment.

Property owners are responsible for any delinquent fines or violation citations incurred or committed by their renter, renter, guests, or household members.

Violation warnings will remain on the owners account/record for 2 years.

November 2016